• 6 Lessons + Free E-book

    Discover Ableton from scratch with Onno van Velzen, a DJ/Producer with 20 years of experience. In this 6-week course, you will learn the basics like drums, harmonics and arrangement and the first steps how to make your first track in Ableton Live. As part of the program, you will receive a free E-book on creative production with Ableton and a 40% discount on Ableton software!

  • Assignment + Accreditation

    On completing this course, you will have a basic understanding of the many facets of Ableton Live. You’ll have finished your first track, and furthermore adopted a hands-on approach to the production of your music. You will be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion in Basic Ableton Live Production.

  • For Who is this course?

    The Ableton Beginner course is for producers who have never worked in Ableton Live to students who can already build a track but do not yet master all the tools to arrange and finish a track. The latter group is given more in-depth information in order to be able to achieve a successful end product.

Onno van Velzen


Meet your teacher; Onno van Velzen. Onno is an experienced teacher and composer for over 20 years. He has been DJ-ing and producing for famous house labels like Get Physical and United Ants and last years working as an film and commercial producer as well. A technical gifted and fun teacher to work with!
Onno van Velzen

Lesson Plan

  • 01
    Ableton Lesson 1: Ableton Basics and introduction
    • In this first lesson you will get an in depth introduction to the Ableton Live software
    • Introduction to Ableton and creative solutions
  • 02
    Ableton Lesson 2: Drums
    • Create a distinctive Drum Kit
  • 03
    Ableton Lesson 3: Basslines and Melodies & Basic Music Theory
    • What is a strong bassline and how to create a good melody? This you will learn in lesson 3 of the course
  • 04
    Ableton Lesson 4: Working with samples and recording
    • How to you use samples and how to record you will learn in this fourth lesson
  • 05
    Ableton Lesson 5: Arrangement & Automation
    • Arrangement and understanding the building blocks of tracks is the main subjects in the fifth lesson
  • 06
    Ableton Lesson 6: Mixing, mastering and releasing
    • The art and knowledge of mixing and mastering we introduce in the sixth lesson

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About Our House Academy
Denise Van de Ree, Student at Our House Academy

“I gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience in the course! Certainly recommended for lovers of the dance industry and artists who want to take their career to a higher level.”

Denise Van de Ree, Student at Our House Academy


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  • 2.500+ student alumni

    Enrolled and kick-started their career since 2015

  • Your time to lift off

    From aspiring artists to seasoned DJ/producers

You will be able to:

After the Ableton Beginner Course

  • You have basic Ableton knowledge and you will be able to produce creatively with the software

  • Produce your first track and have basic knowledge about arrangement and instruments

  • Work on your own productions with confidence, fun and the right workflow

Ready To Grow Your Production Skills with Hardware?

Payment Methods

Signing Up For The Course

You can easily register for the Courses of Our House Academy via the website. This can be done via an online booking with creditcard or Paypal. You can also transfer the course amount via bank transfer. Then transfer the total course amount to: School of House B.V. on bank account: NL32ABNA0413506037 stating the course concerned and starting date.