• One on One DJ & Coaching

    During the individual coaching session of two hours Jama will coach you about all performance, music selection and storytelling techniques he has developed during 20 years of Dj-ing. You’ll learn all about mixing choices, the ins and outs of track selection, storytelling and many more. You will learn everything you need to know to start DJ-ing in front of a live audience.

  • Coaching & Feedback

    It is also possible to use these two hours for career coaching and feedback on your artist profile and social media. In a one on one conversation you will research your artist profile and create a solid career and marketing plan to reach out to bookers & club/festival managers.

  • Our House Academy

    Start educating yourself by entering Our House Academy’s worldwide network of dance music experts and brands. At our location at Amstelstraat 24 we have all the facilities you need to practice with our top teachers to learn and have fun.

About Jan Maarten

Jan Maarten is founder and head teacher of Our House Academy, the first education platform on Dance & Electronic Music culture in the Netherlands. Jan Maarten has 20 years of experience in DJ-ing and organizing events. Jama is resident at Thuishaven and has been playing at locations such as; Paradiso, Mysteryland, Space Ibiza, Shanghai and many other. Aside from teaching and moderating Dance industry professionals he also coaches talents in their career and helps them with the right choices and connections.
About Jan Maarten

Lesson Plan

  • 01
    One on One DJ Lessons at Our House Academy
    • Start Your DJ Journey at Our House Academy with Jama
  • 02
    • What Does This Button Do? (CDJ)
    • Download the CDJ-2000 Manual
    • Assignment 1: Investigate the CDJ-2000
    • What Does This Button Do? (DJM)
    • Download the DJM-900NXS Manual
    • Assignment 2: Investigate the DJM-900NXS
  • 03
    • Assignment 3: Install Rekordbox
    • Rekordbox
    • Assignment 4: Prepare Your First Playlist
    • Collecting Tracks
    • Assignment 5: Collect Tracks for Rekordbox
  • 04
    Mixing (Basics)
    • Counting Beats
    • Assignment 6: Count the Beats in Your Tracks
    • Beat-Matching & Faders
    • Assignment 7: Start Beat-Matching & Using the Faders
    • EQs
    • Assignment 8: Practice Complementary EQ Movements
  • 05
    Mixing (Extra's)
    • Cue Points
    • Assignment 9: Set Your Own CUE points
    • Effects
    • Assignment 10: Practice Effects
    • DJ EZ | Boiler Room London
    • Foulamour | Boiler Room
    • Jeff Mills | Purpose Maker Mix (Pt. 1)
    • Assignment 11: Study DJ Sets
    • Final Thought

About Our House Academy

Our House Academy is a new collective spin on electronic music education — a DIY e-learning platform within a serious music industry network in which anyone and everyone is invited to participate. We are a catalyst, dedicated to boosting careers.

The Amsterdam-based academy was founded in 2015 on the idea of sharing 30 years of knowledge and experience in electronic music and events with new generations. Our aim is to focus on knowledge transfer within the dance industry, through masterclasses — standing on the shoulder of giants.

In the past five years, over 2500 talents from all over the world have followed our classes at the A'DAM Tower — in the fields of DJing, Music & Production, Artist Business and Events & Organisation.

Together with the Conservatory of Amsterdam, we've also set up the Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy (AEMA), the first Associate Degree of its kind, educating talented musicians to become professional DJ/Producers.
More about us
About Our House Academy
  • 30+ years of knowledge

    Teachers who spearheaded Dutch dance music

  • 2.500+ student alumni

    Enrolled and kick-started their career since 2015

  • Your time to lift off

    From aspiring artists to seasoned DJ/producers

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