• One on One DJ Lessons

    During the individual lessons of two hours Josh or Lars will teach you all the basic techniques he has developed and learned from some of the top DJs in the business. You’ll learn all about the gear, the ins and outs of track selection, beatmatching and many more. You will learn everything you need to know to start DJ-ing in front of a live audience.

  • Progress & Accreditation

    After completing 3 lessons of 2 hours you will have a basic understanding of the many facets of DJ'ing. You’ll know all about gear, basic skills, DJ techniques, Record Box and many other valuable subjects. You will be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion in Basic DJ'ing.

  • Our House Academy

    Start educating yourself by entering Our House Academy’s worldwide network of dance music experts and brands. At our location at Amstelstraat 26 we have all the facilities you need to practice with our top teachers to learn and have fun.

About Josh Charm

Josh Charm is a Dutch DJ/producer and songwriter delivering a fresh perspective in the electronic music scene heavily inspired by melodic house music. Josh’s music relates to contemporary life. As he grew up in an international family and lived abroad he likes to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. He aims to touch hearts with his melodic house music, uniting people and inspiring them to follow their own personal goals. He gained recognition after his debut single ‘Praying’ on Spinnin’ Deep In 2019 Spinnin’ Records showed interest in his music and together they released his debut single “Praying” followed by “Feel So Good”. Oliver Heldens, Fedde Le Grand and Martin Garrix quickly picked it up, showing their support by playing the singles globally, in their radio shows. 
 Tiesto also took the youngster under his wing allowing him to release his first debut EP “Desolate” on Tiesto’s imprint AFTR:HRS, receiving massive support from artists such as Nicky Romero & Hardwell. In 2020 Josh released a number of tracks under Martin Garrix’s label STMPD e.g Too Close for Comfort”, “Trust” and “Cray”. “Too close for Comfort” was massively supported by Martin Garrix which lead to a label signing at STMPD RCRDS. The Dutch sensation is one of the newly upcoming electronic talents for the next generation. With more releases on the way and international demand for his DJ sets, he is definitely one to watch.
About Josh Charm

About Our House Academy

Our House Academy is a new collective spin on electronic music education — a DIY e-learning platform within a serious music industry network in which anyone and everyone is invited to participate. We are a catalyst, dedicated to boosting careers.

The Amsterdam-based academy was founded in 2015 on the idea of sharing 30 years of knowledge and experience in electronic music and events with new generations. Our aim is to focus on knowledge transfer within the dance industry, through masterclasses — standing on the shoulder of giants.

In the past five years, over 2500 talents from all over the world have followed our classes at the A'DAM Tower — in the fields of DJing, Music & Production, Artist Business and Events & Organisation.

Together with the Conservatory of Amsterdam, we've also set up the Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy (AEMA), the first Associate Degree of its kind, educating talented musicians to become professional DJ/Producers.
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About Our House Academy
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